The Nonprofit Organization Research Panel (NORP) is an opt-in email panel of nonprofit organizations. It contributes to advancing knowledge and practice in the nonprofit sector, and can be used to improve decision making in your organization.

Participating nonprofit organizations have access to all NORP study results to learn about how other nonprofits operate under the uncertain circumstances of today. The NORP study results will also help guide policy makers and funding agencies to make informed decisions that affect the important work that nonprofit organizations do.

According to a recent NORP survey, most nonprofits have already or expect to cancel or postpone fundraising events (82%) even though demand for their services have risen or continue to rise (39% nonprofits have already seen increased demand for services and 24% anticipate so) due to the COVID-19. To read more about NORP survey results, click here.

NORP Survey featured in the media–“National survey shows that social service nonprofits are trying to help more people on smaller budgets as the coronavirus pandemic and economic downturn unfold.”

Important Facts about NORP

  • The leaders of the selected nonprofit organizations are invited to be part of the NORP to share their experiences in the field. Survey responses allow the nonprofit sector to address challenges and opportunities by drawing on lessons learned from other nonprofit organizations.
  • NORP members receive e-invitations to participate in occasional web-based surveys (2 to 3 times a year) about managing nonprofit organizations; however, participation in the NORP survey series is entirely voluntary.
  • The NORP enforces a strict privacy policy: All answers are confidential and used for research purposes only. Study results are published in aggregate or summary form, and no individual organization’s information will be shared or identifiable.
  • The NORP is housed at George Mason University’s Schar School of Policy and Government, and supports applied research in nonprofit management. For questions and/or comments about the NORP project, you can contact the research team at norpanel@gmu.edu.